• Andrea Dillon, LMSW

Stomach Aches and the Tie to Mental Health

The brain-gut connection has been a hot topic in the mental health field as of late. Our anatomy has taught us that the gut is the “second brain” in our body. It provides information to our brain (mainly), and the brain provides information to our gut. This is done through the Vegus Nerve which provides a communication pathway between the two.

Imagine being nervous for a presentation at work or even at school. The brain sends signals to the gut creating that sensation of feeling nauseous or bowel issues (yeah, I went there). People with chronic stomach problems might look towards nutrition or medication for answers, while another effective treatment may be talk therapy. If you are in talk therapy, your therapist might inquire about your dietary habits knowing that the gut impacts mood as well.

For more information regarding the brain-gut connection check out these resources:

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